HalloWIN: let's get creative this year

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Fancy dress, tons of sweet treats, an opportunity to decorate...what’s not to love?!

I saw this situation coming and knew I’d have to get creative with how I was going to make sure my children weren’t robbed of making great spooky memories this year.

We’ve been rockstars at adjusting and remaining flexible (way to go, guys!) throughout this difficult time. So this means we know memory making doesn’t have to stop.

Here’s the plan:

  • I visit estates around Antrim town
  • Allocate a one hour block to each one
  • I come straight to your home for a 10min session
  • You receive the images online

To sign up, you leave your home address, pay in full, and provide an email address to let me know where to send your gallery.

Fancy dress your heart out

Simple ideas

Take it back old-school with a bin liner or get super creative!

Dress in all black and add cat ears or a witch hat

Halloween jammies work too

Go for it

Sibling costumes are highly encouraged

Get the whole family involved

How to make your session fun

Organise a task

  • carve/paint pumpkins
  • cozy up in a flannel throw
  • jump in a pile of leaves
  • play with faux spider webs
  • have a popcorn fight!
  • witch broom race

Contact today to book your Halloween Mini-Session