Cake Smash Photographer Northern Ireland

I’m not just your family photographer, I’m here for you through each stage in life.

Cake Smash Photographer Northern Ireland

I’m not just your family photographer, I’m here for you through each stage in life.

CAKE SMASH - the perfect way to celebrate a 1st birthday

It’s hard work getting through the first year, so why not celebrate BIG?! Your cake smash photoshoot includes a portrait session and then we move on to the messy part! You will have two separate backdrop options to offer variety in your gallery.  Other opportunities to mark special occasions can be found on my baby photography page as well as the family page.

I can travel anywhere in NI. If you have any questions, give me a shout: 07593283620

Session fee- £50

What's included:

  • Your session includes all decorations including props and backdrops.
  • Gender-specific and neutral options for you to choose from.
  • Chose a theme to fit your purpose. (to match a birthday party for example)

When should I book my cake smash session? 

This will completely depend on you.  Some families like to book their session about 4 weeks from the baby's actual birthday.  Your session photos make the perfect addition to birthday party decorations.  Imagine a gorgeous portrait at the centre of your cake table.  Your new photos are such a great conversation starter for guests as well.  

The other option is to book your session on your baby’s actual birthday! It’s such a fun way to celebrate. Before booking any baby photographer, you should keep in mind that most babies are happiest in the morning.  You know best, momma.  Book within a window between happy energy and nap time.  My suggestion is around 10 am.

What happens if my baby doesn’t eat the cake? 

Okay, this is a major point for me...Please note: I include loads of options in your Cake Smash session EXCEPT for the cake. Why not? 

Children at this age are in early development. They’re discovering new tastes, textures, etc. For me, the scariest “new” for them is allergies. I would be riddled with guilt for all of eternity if the day we discovered Baby Hannah was allergic to dye #642. 

Whether they enjoy the cake is completely irrelevant to the session though. I usually get great photos of the baby's face reacting to the sweetness for the first time or looking at the cake with bewilderment. If the baby needs some encouragement, as a team, we dive in together to show him/her how it’s done. Who doesn’t love cake?!

If genuine enjoyment is important in your photos, I highly recommend having a practice round. Pick up fairy cakes or a small shop bought cake to get them used to the taste of sweet sugary goodness. For the more health conscious momma, I’ve compiled a list of recipes that might be more gentle on your baby’s tummy.

What do I bring to my cake smash session? 

You’re welcome to bring any outfits you’d like for the portrait section of your session. Parents usually bring a nice outfit gifted to them by a relative or adorable ensemble from a department store. I highly recommend checking out House of Scarlett and Petals & Co for really beautiful and timeless pieces. 

I, also, have options for boys and girls in my studio. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on preparations for the shoot, but it’s your celebration so go for it however you’d like! I have dickie bow sets, ruffle dresses, floral rompers and more!