Family Photoshoot: Your Top 6 Questions Answered

You’re ready to invest in your family by booking a family photo session. (yay!)

The whole process can be a little daunting because let’s face it--

moms organize E V E R Y T H I N G

To help the process along, I’ve tried to cover questions you might have before you actually arrive for your photo shoot.


My number one tip for organizing outfits is to plan around you, momma! When you look and feel amazing, everyone else just shines around you.

You can find more tips on what to wear and how to look amazing here


This one is a tricky question. Photographers base their fee on the value of their time. It’s very similar to a hairdresser-their talent and experience will impact his/her fee.

Speaking for myself, mini-sessions are offered throughout the year which make it possible to afford family portraits no matter what your budget is. That being said, mini sessions give you a fraction of time with me which ultimately gives you fewer photos.  

How to prepare for a family photoshoot

Having a talk with your family members about the goal of your session is really helpful. I’ve found that the ones who come with a mindset to just have a fun experience tend to be the most successful. Adding pressure on children or partners encourages anxiety and builds walls.  

Luckily, I typically break those barriers during the session, but that’s time taken away from the fun. My point is, consider your family photoshoot a fun day out. The fun will come through in your photos.

How to pose for a family photoshoot

Each family photographer will have his/her own style, so this will vary. For me, I have one goal for “posing” and that's to stay close. I give my families tasks to keep the “posing” out of posing. Natural moments and genuine smiles always give brilliant photos. 

A good photographer will know how to help create these authentic moments with you. Here's how to find the perfect photographer near you.

What to wear for a christmas family photoshoot

I love getting this question for my Christmas sessions. You should consider the backdrop or theme of the session. Your favorite Christmas jumper with neon letters and a giant cat wearing a Santa hat might not work with a traditional backdrop. While choosing your outfit for a Christmas family photoshoot, consider the photo as a whole.

This family chose tartan pajamas with matching bow to keep the traditional look of the backdrop.

What to wear for a winter family photoshoot

If you’re outdoors for a winter family photoshoot, you have two options. The first option is to layer up. Layers look great in photographs! As a photographer, this would be my preference. The second option is to wear your winter coats. 

That being said, you will want to consider coats as your main outfit item. Accessorizing with a lovely scarf or hat will add a bit of flair. As long as you’re comfortable and able to enjoy the experience, you should be fine!

Prepping for family photography isn’t easy.  

The one thing to take from this blog is the vibe you bring to the shoot will show in your photos.  Don’t overthink every single detail because at the end of the day, you have a beautiful photo of your loved ones.  If it’s not planned and accessorized to the tiniest detail, THAT’S OK. 

As far as I’m concerned, come as you are and be ready to have fun.  

If you can think of anything else you’d like for me to cover, feel free to reach out! 

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