the ultimate guide to your newborn session

I assure you, I'm not a wizard or even claim to be a baby-whisperer. What I can claim is lots of experience that you can use to get the best experience at your newborn session as possible.

You will not only be able to use these tips for your photo shoot, but you'll be able to continue to apply these top tips as baby settles into your world (or maybe the other way around).

Here are the most frequently asked questions I tend to get from new mothers:


How early should you do newborn photos?'s the absolute truth...

In order to get sleeping baby photos, 14 days or earlier really is the key. After that two week period, babies tend to become more alert and trickier to nurse back to sleep, but it's not impossible.

Do babies have to be sleepy for newborn photos?

Not necessarily...

My tip: try to keep baby awake for at least 30 min to 1 hour before arriving to the studio. You can stimulate them by tickling their feet, brushing your finger on the cheeks or even just giving them a bath.

When should I feed my baby for their newborn photo shoot?

Wait to feed baby right before you arrive so the car ride over will help put baby to sleep

What do new parents always forget when they leave the house for the first time?

Keep extra wipes, nappies, blankets, pacifiers on hand!

How long will a newborn session take?

Sessions typically take 3 hours, so you might want to bring snacks and water to stay comfortable. If it's just mini-session that only wraps baby, the session can be anywhere between 1-1.5 hours.

What do I wear for a newborn session?

I always say start with one outfit and work off of that colour palette.

Typically, it's mom who has the most trouble finding something they feel nice in, so I'd start there if this applies. Neutrals like creams, whites, browns, beige, etc are stunning on camera!

Try to choose a colour palette that will work anywhere in your home if the photos are hung up. If you're like me, I like to move photos around to freshen up my rooms.

Bonus Tip:
Between poses babies can accidentally make a mess while we're holding them, so bring the outfits you plan to wear for photos on a hanger to change into rather than just wearing them to the studio