Maternity Photoshoot: Here’s Your Why

It’s so easy to skip through this step in your parenting journey.  You have lots of planning to do: a nursery to decorate, classes to attend–the list goes on!  However, you deserve to celebrate the first step!  Your body is creating life, a miraculous process which many are not able to do themselves.  

Worth It

I often look back at my own maternity photoshoot in awe of how beautiful my changing body was and realize how proud I was for achieving such a momentous milestone.  I, also, think ‘how cute was my baby bump?!’

I used it as an opportunity to treat myself to a hair appointment and a new dress. Also, I went through my usual "going out" ritual: tunes up loudly, full makeup session.

My (then) one year old son was getting watched by my mother to make sure I soaked up every moment. He joined me for special photos, but the prep work was all solo time with baby girl. We still have one-on-one girl time to this day.

34 weeks pregnant in a field with a sunset glow through my hair-PC: Faithful Bird Photography

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Not your mom's bump photo

Maternity photography often gets a bad rep for being cheesy or just unnecessary.  I’m here to tell you, girl, it’s so much more than a posed photo of you holding your bump.  It’s a time for you to celebrate your changing body. With my expertise and the excitement for your impending arrival, you will have timeless classically beautiful portraits.  

Change can often be a good thing, after all.  You’re not on display, you’re embracing a sense of pride for yourself.  Do I think I look the same or should look remotely like my pre-maternal self? No way! 

What I can confirm is that I would undoubtedly regret not documenting that moment in life.

INterested in a bump to baby package?

Find more information on this inclusive package here

The Goal

The goal of these sessions is to evoke a sense of pride and encourage celebration.  Get in touch with your inner goddess!  The blowing fan, choice of gorgeous dresses and abundance giggles will surely put you in touch with your inner Beyonce.

If I don't have what you're looking for, but don't want to purchase your own, I highly recommend hiring a dress from vendors like Bella Bump Dress Hire.

36 weeks pregnant in form fitting black dress, caressing her bump


How much does a maternity photoshoot cost?

As a stand alone session, your maternity session is £75; however I offer an inclusive package that covers photographing your journey to motherhood from bump to baby.

What week of pregnancy do you take maternity photos?

Start your beautiful journey at 30-36 weeks with an inclusive portrait package in Bump to Baby. My goal for this session is to help every mommy-to-be feel empowered and beautiful.

What should I wear for a maternity photo shoot?

I have a variety of dresses you’re more than welcome to borrow for your session with me. We will coordinate the dress with the backdrop in order to get the best possible photo. Some clients have brought in their own special props to use as well such as her wedding veil. These often create the most precious photos.

Where can I buy maternity clothes for photoshoots?

I have a number of dresses you can borrow, but I have a couple of recommendations for vendors as well such as Bella Bump Maternity Hire.