Learn my #1 rule for every session

I’m not going to lie, this blog was meant to focus on the progression of my photography skills and how I got started in photography; however, going down memory lane looking for examples to share has turned me into a giant puddle. *Where are the tissues?*

Instead, I get to share the one thing I've learned that separates "taking a pic" from creating a photograph. That being said, I'd like to press an extra emphasis on the importance of documenting every single stage they grow into. I don't feel like I'm "giving away secrets" because (IMHO) you don't need a professional photographer for every single moment; however, I still want to help.

Here is the biggest takeaway from my photography journey so far, and why it all matters. 

Let's Get STarted

From the start, I always had aspirations for building sets and tapping into my creative side when it came to celebrating holidays and birthdays.  You’ll find a great example of this to the right.

Take a look at the first photo; it’s clear that Christmas was coming up and we were definitely feeling the spirit.  What’s wrong with it? The angle, the lack of authentic fun, they’re not framed properly…I won’t even start on the prop choices.  

My first-ever Christmas mini session

Why does this matter? (Trust me, it does)

I’m willing to bet they had more fun chatting to me (in their teeny tiny voices) about their books and were excited about their outfits than this photo is willing to give me credit for. A great photograph should transport you back to that very moment.

What's Different?

This is the exact same activity during the same favorite holiday, but the difference was my approach.  Forget that I used a high-quality backdrop, better camera and a more thought-out set. 

I was engaged with them during the photo. I asked questions about the book and waited for the right moment to snap the photo. I actually remember what I asked them to do: What colour is the boy’s pajamas? Would you like pajamas like his?

Christmas Session 2021

Why does it all matter? 

This is where the divide happens between “taking pics” and making memories

In my seven years of self-taught photography, I can tell you the number one thing I learned to elevate my photography was engagement. Even while I’m out with the family and just using my smartphone, I know that a great photo will come from authentic moments.

The best explanation I can give you is the fact that I had to begin writing this article through tears in my eyes.  Having documented proof that their fingers were once fat, cheeks were super squishy, and that they’ve always been the best of friends will forever be invaluable.