5 Top Tips to Relax in Front of the Camera

No matter how you slice it, photographs are essential for your business. It’s how you invite your audience into your world, demonstrate your expertise, display achievements, and document growth.

For many people, the difficult part is being in those photos too. Trust me; you’re not alone in feeling trepidation once my lens cap comes off!  

The good news is, I’ve seen the hesitation many times before. Most importantly, I’m used to helping you overcome your fear. It’s my job to help you relax and focus on achieving those photos that you can be proud to show off.

Here are 5 tips to help you relax in front of the camera


not just for the stage

Props aren’t just for the theatre. The one thing props can do for your photos is help communicate something about you.


Grab a cup

Simply holding a cup of coffee could convey a casual aspect and give you something else to think about while shooting. A less obvious trick is holding a pen or piece of paper down on your lap while your photographer is capturing an up-close headshot.



If you own a crafting business, get a shot with an important tool or be in the act of crafting. When you’re focussed on what comes naturally to you, you look natural.



Bring a Friend

Even while shooting indoors, I am a lover of movement. Call it my dance background, but photos become elevated with a bit of movement. I typically ask clients to walk down the hall, chat with another person or just give a simple task.



Movement can also come from hair blowing in the wind, a scarf whirling around the body, etc. I often start a session with this approach to warm up my clients, especially if they’ve pre-warned me about their phobia.



Now, this one will trip up just about anyone. We all know that it’s much easier to achieve something if we can visualise it, but there is a lot to be said about just being in the moment? The experience itself can be enjoyable if you’re not focused on past experiences and negative self-talk. Sometimes just communicating concerns offers your photographer insight into how to approach the situation. Are you worried about a double-chin? (not that there’s anything wrong with them) or do you not like your smile? (the fake one that says “I don’t want to be here”). When clients share their concerns, we overcome them together. 


Some people are most comfortable at home, others need to get far away from their home (and its stresses) to really relax. Office spaces can have a negative connotation (let’s hope not for you), so choosing the right location is important to help ease your camera anxiety.  

If you’re taking photographs for corporate purposes, try taking them in the building’s foyer or a nice boardroom with lots of natural light.  Note: natural light looks amazing on everyone.  

Get your photographer to come to you if you typically work from home and don’t mind sharing this aspect with your audience.  We typically only need one or two rooms with great lighting, but many photographers will also have portable gear.

Finding the right Photographer

Before Booking

It’s incredibly important for you and your photographer to gel.  It’s part of a photographer’s job to make you feel at ease in order to get the best possible photographs of you. 

Have a chat with them about your branding, objectives for your shoot, and any concerns you might have.  Make sure communication is clear

  • Are you needing an outdoorsy and relaxed vibe?
  • Are you aiming for a stylish magazine style? 
  • What will you be using these photographs for? 
  • Turnaround time expectations
  • Do they offer styling advice? 
  • Will you have access to high-resolution files?

Whatever your reasons for apprehension, please know they’re valid.  That being said, this hurdle isn’t impossible to overcome.  With the right photographer (for you) and preparation, it’s totally possible to get a great photo without the fear.

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Check out my family photography page as well in order to get natural photos with your family for an added personal touch to your branding.