Top 3 Photography Tips for beginners

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the information out there to help you on your photography journey.  Whether you want to be a professional photographer or just take better photos of your children to help you capture special memories, I’m here for you.

No matter what your agenda, here are simple and easy-to-follow tips for your photography journey.  

Tip #1 Engage

Below, you’ll see a photograph of my own children taken during my first-ever Christmas mini-session. My proud momma-heart explodes looking at those chubby cheeks and fat fingers.

The second photograph is from last year’s Christmas sessions (2021), the same adorable children.

This is the exact same activity during the same favorite holiday, but the difference was my approach. Forget that I used a high-quality backdrop, better camera and a more thought-out set. I was engaged with them during the photo.

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I asked questions about the book and waited for the right moment to snap the photo. I actually remember what I asked them to do: What colour is the boy’s pajamas? Would you like pajamas like his? 

This is where the divide happens between “taking pics” and making memories

In my seven years of self-taught photography, I can tell you the number one thing I learned to elevate my photography was engagement. Even while I’m out with the family and just using my smartphone, I know that a great photo will come from authentic moments.  

Before (my first-ever Christmas mini)

Christmas 2021


It’s so easy to get swept away in the moment, especially if you’re wearing your “mom-ographer” hat that day.  You know which hat I mean: you’re determined to document every cute moment during your family outing that required £40 entry tickets and another chunk of change for the healthy snacks you know will look adorable in your picnic pics. All of this while actually trying to parent your children (wipe noses, tie shoes, stop the bickering, etc, etc.) 

So, my next piece of advice is to have a plan.  I’m totally with you on the mom-ographer because sometimes I just can’t turn it off.  However, things can go awry quickly. 

If you’re completely new to wearing this “hat,” my suggestion is to choose one idea for your shots.  Only bring out the camera while focusing on a) small details b) genuine laughter c) rule of thirds d) filling the frame…the list goes on forever, but you get the idea.  

Here’s an example of just focusing on details:

Tip #3 Let Them Be

You can have all the Pinterest boards and Etsy orders to support your lavish photoshoot, but nothing matters more than just letting them be themselves in front of your camera.

This was actually a difficult one for me to learn as I usually have BIG ideas for sets and costumes, but the most magical images usually come from letting children be themselves. 

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