Tips from a Wedding Photographer in Northern Ireland

Being a wedding photographer based in Northern Ireland means I'm photographing a friend, a friend-of-a-friend or someone's family member; either way, we're in this together and like any good gal-pal, I’m here to spill the beans on creative wedding ideas for your special day. Your big day should be relaxed, unobtrusive, and all about you!

Nearly every photographer in Northern Ireland will tell you that your wedding day goes by in a flash. My advice? Are you ready? Get your gin glass…

Make each moment count.  

You’ll be bombarded with well wishers, happy guests, and the inevitable snag (in your plans, not your stockings). It’s easy to get swept away by it all, but as your professional wedding photographer, I help organize those moments. From a beautifully timed reveal to your best girls/groom/parents to savoring those precious first few minutes as husband and wife, a photograph from your wedding is a time capsule. You’ll need to decide which moments you’d love to be rushed back to.  

I had the privilege of photographing Chloe and Steven’s wedding day recently. They were the dream couple every wedding photographer in Northern Ireland dreams of shooting- gorgeous, relaxed, and tons of fun! Their gorgeous day in Lurgan unfolded one precious moment at a time.  

The Reveal

Every gal needs a good trick up her sleeve. Planning a reveal within your busy wedding day is a special little secret kept between you and your most inner circle. The anticipation is deliciously exciting and totally worth the wait every time.  

Chloe’s reveal to her bridesmaids was EPIC! Her proud pals were in awe of their gorgeous friend from first peak to full gaze. 

The twinkle never left Chloe’s dad’s eye after he first saw the beautiful bride. Call me crazy, but it’s moments like that I’m grateful to have a small part in the world of wedding photography.

Savoring the Moment

Quickly after the newlyweds said ‘I do,’ the confetti tunnel sent the love birds flying to…

the nearest pub. 

Even though sharing a pint of Guinness made this couple even more badass, the important element is the fact that they were able to savor their first few moments as a married couple. It was nonnegotiable. It was sacred. 

Whether you take my advice or not, the fact is I photograph weddings. I’ve seen carefree brides roll with every moment and still get lost in the moment. So, starting with your consultation, I will help you capture each memory throughout the day while maximizing the fun!